Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stings, screams, and hornets, that french accent won't save you

If you are not informed yet this is my husband Mathew. He always has to be goofy about some thing and he strikes again.
A little bit about the character Patric.
  Patric is French and is cute, he came about as a voice Mathew was imitating after watching Robin Williams Live On Broadway, the part where he says in an informative voice "here we see inside Robin Williams colon" well Patric was born but her was not Patric until most recently. At the zoo, Mathew had the video camera and found a path he was taking and did his voice. weeks later when I was reviewing the footage I saw that bit and was cracking up, it was soo funny. I told him That if he ever speaks on camera that it should be that voice. So later in that week or day, whatever don't matter, We were in the car on our way home from a restaurant and he had a tooth pick and he started to describe it using the Patric voice. Every word he said I was crying with laughter and a few times I almost had to pull over to catch my breath or concentrate on keeping the pee in. So  when we got home we filmed him in that voice describing his tooth pick. So I asked him what his name was and we ended up picking Patric. A few day or weeks from that point he was going to remove some hornets and I grabbed the camera and told him to do it as Patric. so there you have it.

He really did get stung and he always screams like that when he is being attacked by hornets. This summer we have been working on our siding and upon removing it we discovered hornets nests galore! I am allergic to hornet stings I will swell and if I get stung by more than one I'm sure I'd got into anaphylactic shock, but I have no fear of hornets. I helped my husband take down the siding and some how he got stung 20 + times and myself 0. I say I didn't get stung because he was there. that and I thing the hornets like to make him scream.

So check out the video where we go to the zoo and meet Patric before he got his name.

Also watch the description of the tooth pick.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bird sex video

Here we have an awesome video and an excellent documentary of the cockatiel and their mating process.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MY baby smiles in her sleep


  Shakiya is my second born and as a baby she would smile at me in response to hearing her name when I would talk to her while she was sleeping.

   In this video you see her trying different ways to suck her finger. She was in the beginning stages of sucking her fingers. When she first started she would just find her fist and suck on what ever part was the closest. This was a plus for me cause she would do very early on, like in her first days. it was a plus because every time she did it i knew she was hungry and so I'd feed her. She never woke up in the middle of the night screaming cause she was hungry. I am a very light sleeper and i hear the sound of her suckling and just knew. Kiya slept through he night her very first night and every night after that! I was so lucky.

When she got more cordinated she moved on to sucking fingers. Her first combo was the "rock on" fingers, her ring and middle fingers. she has settled on her pinkie and ring finger on her left hand. every so often she will get brusies on her left side of her face cause she will either push her finger to hard on her face when she sleeps or she will keep her fingers in her mouth when she takes a fall.

      As of this post she is 1.5 years old. In the video i think she was in the 2-3 months old. I'd have to retrive the photos of from the same time as the video and check the date. I always make sure that my photos display the date. very useful with children, especially when you have more than one.

Sex Tape

   Is there anything to really say here. Yes there may have been nudity and we have kids so yes there is a Sexual relationship between husband and wife but apparently no lighting and it sure sounded like it could have been, but it was more for fun! FUN!!


      So my little Shiori got in a bad habit of taking her diaper off. She has been aware of being potty trained since she got her first potty when she was three months old and has peed and pooed on it on occasion ever since. Once she became of age where she needed to be a big girl and no longer wear diapers we would play training day, which entailed a lot of underwear and a lot of pairs of her jeans. every 10 minutes we wold put her on her potty and try and make her go, if she did she got a treat, a chocolate covered raisin. 

   If she went in her pants she would come to learn that it was not a good felling. She learned to like the feel of being dry and liked wearing princess panties. She took to potty training on the potty well with #2. Although she would often not tell us she had to go and would help herself to using the potty, we would end up with a surprise in the bath tub or all over the toilet or she would try to clean herself up if she had pooped in her diaper. Like in this video.

     This Video: It is morning time and she had pooped in her diaper that she wore over night and decided to clean herself up. At this time she was unable to open her own door so she kept the mess in her room. That Elmo book was tossed in the trash.

   I think to myself that I still have to get her to sleep through the night without a diaper, and she has a younger sister who is starting to be introduced to the potty at age 1 1/2, hopefully so she will find potty training to be easy and familiar. OH FUN! oh but the dream of no more diapers.

Giant Zombie Spider

    My husband, Mathew and I love to watch You Tube, one of our favorite tubers is Zack Scott with his videos of giant spiders and the eerie music I think brings the video together. Well, Mathew and I have been walking through our back door way and kept seeing this dead spider whom was quite large for our area. So what better than to make a spoof video of favorites. When Mathew was filming he kept on looking at me and I find it so cute that he tried to keep a straight face. So silly.

You're Swell

Eat That Grumpy Bear

For Christmas I had found this Cookie in Target of a Grumpy Bear and I just had to get it because Mathew is a HUGH Care Bear Lover. His favorite is Bed Time Bear, and also Grumpy Bear.
So I had to convince him to do this cookie a favor and eat him as opposed to his normal save it forever habit, cause it's a cookie! So I video taped it. He looks like he is posing as if I was to take a picture, but no way was I not going to pass up an opportunity to video it. Right before I started filming he said that because he was eating him He was no longer a happy bear... and just couldn't seem to get him to say it again without making it seem obvious. either was it was cute and it sounded so funny when i played it in fast forward. ha ha or lol or does rofl work better.

"You're Swell" hand made card