Wednesday, September 1, 2010


      So my little Shiori got in a bad habit of taking her diaper off. She has been aware of being potty trained since she got her first potty when she was three months old and has peed and pooed on it on occasion ever since. Once she became of age where she needed to be a big girl and no longer wear diapers we would play training day, which entailed a lot of underwear and a lot of pairs of her jeans. every 10 minutes we wold put her on her potty and try and make her go, if she did she got a treat, a chocolate covered raisin. 

   If she went in her pants she would come to learn that it was not a good felling. She learned to like the feel of being dry and liked wearing princess panties. She took to potty training on the potty well with #2. Although she would often not tell us she had to go and would help herself to using the potty, we would end up with a surprise in the bath tub or all over the toilet or she would try to clean herself up if she had pooped in her diaper. Like in this video.

     This Video: It is morning time and she had pooped in her diaper that she wore over night and decided to clean herself up. At this time she was unable to open her own door so she kept the mess in her room. That Elmo book was tossed in the trash.

   I think to myself that I still have to get her to sleep through the night without a diaper, and she has a younger sister who is starting to be introduced to the potty at age 1 1/2, hopefully so she will find potty training to be easy and familiar. OH FUN! oh but the dream of no more diapers.

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