Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eat That Grumpy Bear

For Christmas I had found this Cookie in Target of a Grumpy Bear and I just had to get it because Mathew is a HUGH Care Bear Lover. His favorite is Bed Time Bear, and also Grumpy Bear.
So I had to convince him to do this cookie a favor and eat him as opposed to his normal save it forever habit, cause it's a cookie! So I video taped it. He looks like he is posing as if I was to take a picture, but no way was I not going to pass up an opportunity to video it. Right before I started filming he said that because he was eating him He was no longer a happy bear... and just couldn't seem to get him to say it again without making it seem obvious. either was it was cute and it sounded so funny when i played it in fast forward. ha ha or lol or does rofl work better.

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