Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stings, screams, and hornets, that french accent won't save you

If you are not informed yet this is my husband Mathew. He always has to be goofy about some thing and he strikes again.
A little bit about the character Patric.
  Patric is French and is cute, he came about as a voice Mathew was imitating after watching Robin Williams Live On Broadway, the part where he says in an informative voice "here we see inside Robin Williams colon" well Patric was born but her was not Patric until most recently. At the zoo, Mathew had the video camera and found a path he was taking and did his voice. weeks later when I was reviewing the footage I saw that bit and was cracking up, it was soo funny. I told him That if he ever speaks on camera that it should be that voice. So later in that week or day, whatever don't matter, We were in the car on our way home from a restaurant and he had a tooth pick and he started to describe it using the Patric voice. Every word he said I was crying with laughter and a few times I almost had to pull over to catch my breath or concentrate on keeping the pee in. So  when we got home we filmed him in that voice describing his tooth pick. So I asked him what his name was and we ended up picking Patric. A few day or weeks from that point he was going to remove some hornets and I grabbed the camera and told him to do it as Patric. so there you have it.

He really did get stung and he always screams like that when he is being attacked by hornets. This summer we have been working on our siding and upon removing it we discovered hornets nests galore! I am allergic to hornet stings I will swell and if I get stung by more than one I'm sure I'd got into anaphylactic shock, but I have no fear of hornets. I helped my husband take down the siding and some how he got stung 20 + times and myself 0. I say I didn't get stung because he was there. that and I thing the hornets like to make him scream.

So check out the video where we go to the zoo and meet Patric before he got his name.

Also watch the description of the tooth pick.

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